CentOS 8 Stream on your favorite cloud provider

I think we're all enthusiastic about the scheduled release of Rocky Linux on the 31st of March. At the same time, I think this is also a good moment to give CentOS 8 Stream a quick test drive with the software we develop and maintain. Just a plan B. Some cloud providers don't yet have Stream images, so I wrote a cloud-init configuration to convert any CentOS 8 distro to CentOS 8 Stream.

vim + GNU Guile development environment

When following getting started guides for Lisp/Scheme languages, most of the resources I find tend to prefer EMACS instead of vim. Understandable, considering the *almost* built-in development environment you get with EMACS. However, this is my attempt at trying to create a simple to configure and use scheme development environment using vim.

Using Vimwiki like a standard desktop application

When taking notes I prefer to launch the note-taking application, write a few lines and close the application. Having used Vimwiki for the last few days, I had to create a desktop entry wrapper around it, just to avoid the "Open Terminal first", step.

Prolong keyboard backlight timeout

Frustrated by some weird default keyboard backlight timeout on your laptop under Linux? I know how you feel, had the same frustration with my Dell laptop until I found a workaround.

LVM snapshots

A great feature to use when experimenting with different system setups. I no longer have to worry about polluting my system with extra packages when I want to test a new desktop environment, or a new driver version, or even a botched system installation. With LVM I can just snapshot a working system and restore just as easily if something goes wrong.

Programming Arduino Uno (ATmega386P) in assembly

After reading various sources on the topic I've written a few notes, and a sample project, to illustrate a working setup for the task. Also tried to go a little more in depth in certain parts, to clear up some confusion I've dealt with when researching the topic.

Sculpin for Github pages

A simple repository setup that I've used in the past for static blog publishing via Sculpin. The model is inspired by the way Octopress does it's repository setup.