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CentOS 8 Stream on your favorite cloud provider

I think we're all enthusiastic about the scheduled release of Rocky Linux on the 31st of March. At the same time, I think this is also a good moment to give CentOS 8 Stream a quick test drive with the software we develop and maintain. Just a plan B. Some cloud providers don't yet have Stream images, so I wrote a cloud-init configuration to convert any CentOS 8 distro to CentOS 8 Stream.

vim + GNU Guile development environment

When following getting started guides for Lisp/Scheme languages, most of the resources I find tend to prefer EMACS instead of vim. Understandable, considering the *almost* built-in development environment you get with EMACS. This is my attempt at trying to setup, and use, a scheme development environment using vim.

Using Vimwiki like a standard desktop application

When taking notes I prefer to launch a note-taking application, write a line, or two, then close the application. Having used Vimwiki for a couple of days, I had to create a desktop entry wrapper around it, just to avoid the "Open Terminal first", step.

Prolong keyboard backlight timeout

Frustrated by some weird default keyboard backlight timeout on your laptop under Linux? I know how you feel, had the same frustration with my Dell laptop until I found a workaround.

LVM snapshots

A great feature to use when experimenting with different system setups. I no longer have to worry about polluting my system with extra packages when I want to test a new desktop environment, or a new driver version, or even a botched system installation. With LVM I can snapshot a working system and restore it if something goes wrong.

Programming Arduino Uno (ATmega386P) in assembly

After reading various sources on the topic I've written notes, and a sample project, to illustrate a working setup for the task. Also tried to go a little more in depth in certain parts, to clear up some confusion I've dealt with when researching the topic.

Sculpin for Github pages

Repository setup that I've used in the past for static blog publishing via Sculpin. Model inspired by Octopress in it's repository setup.